1st November 2020

Is investing in gold worth it

1st November 2020 | 0 Comments

Investors can invest in a variety of ways. Some of these include buying stock in gold miners, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), associated companies, and buying physical products. Investors usually have many reasons for investing in gold. However, there are different sides to whether it is worth it to invest in gold. The first side of the argument is that gold has ceased to hold the monetary value it did in the past and is, in the modern days, just a barbaric relic. They add that in the economic environment of the modern-day, paper currency is the money of choice. On the other hand, the contrasting argument is that gold is an asset that possesses numerous intrinsic qualities making it unique and essential for investors to hold their assortments.


A brief history of gold

Gold has been used for various uses with people who, for example, possess pure gold jewelry, having a sense of prestige with their possession. Sites such as ReviewsBird reviews some reputable sites that one can find gold products. With items made of gold being highly valued, it is crucial to understand the history of gold. The gold market is estimated to have arisen in 2000 BC when people in ancient Egypt started creating Jewelry. Gold would later begin functioning as a currency at about 560 BC when merchants desired creating an easily transferable and standardized type of money that would streamline trade. The designing of a gold coin imprinted with a seal appeared to be the answer as Jewelry made of gold was already recognized and accepted widely in various areas. Following this new advent of gold as money, its importance grew through the UK and Europe, with remnants from Roman and Greek empires being displayed conspicuously in museums worldwide. Gold would, with time, symbolize wealth throughout Read the rest