It is no doubt that technology and life are already interwoven. Technology is involved in every sphere and sector of the universe. You can live life on the internet comfortably as well as get a company offering the best investments.

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According to Bankrate, here are 4 top companies offering the best and quality investment and all you need to know about them.

Here are the best online brokers for stocks in 2021;

Fidelity Investments:

Fidelity investment is one of the largest brokers in the U.S. and it operates in different niches such as cryptocurrency, securities execution, and clearance, brokerage firm, retirement services as well as index funds.

It is one of the major pillars of mine brokerage space and has many awards to its name. Most of its customers are employees who work for top companies like Facebook and Oracle. Individuals saving for retirement are part of its shareholders too.

Another beautiful thing about this investment company is its well-informed website with eeasy-to-understandresources and information to ease sthe treaming of data.

TD Ameritrade:

TD Ameritrade is another investment company founded 50 years ago in Westlake, Texas, U.S.

It acts as a platform for stock exchange,  cryptocurrency, mutual funds, and fixed income.

It is the best offer for beginners in terms of relevant and eeasy-to-understandcontents and research tools, which iareneeded to succeed and find your way around brokerage investment.

In the first quarter of 2020, it already has more than 10 million client accounts, and as of the second half, it has executed at least 2.1 million revenue trades daily.

It is free for all and sundry and provides ETF trades for US-based customers.


This is a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley, and it also offers an online trading platform to trade futures contracts, mutual funds, preferred stocks, and fixed income. It also gives student loan benefit administration and cash management services.

It is located in Arlington, Virginia, US.

The slight difference between E-Trade and most online investment companies is that, for general trading and investing account, it requires a minimum deposit of $500, while power e-trade requires $1000 with future trading being the highest with an opening deposit of $10,000

Merrill Edge:

Merrill Edge offers full services for brokers, traders and investors.  They act as a guiding hand for beginners, employees ,and prospective shareholders.

One interesting thing about Merrill Edge is that the more you trade with them, the more access you gain for well-detailed research and reports on individual stocks. They provide educational ccontentfor financial plans too. Their customer service is top-notch and available 24/7.