Know The Difference Between Hard Landscape and Soft Landscape

Actually, landscape is landscape, however, there are different types. One is soft landscape, and the other is hard. You need both, to make an effective and beautiful landscape design in your yard or business.

What does that mean? Hard landscape is when you use heavy, or slightly heavy objects to “frame” your landscape. Examples include, paved driveways, and sidewalks. Bricks, cinder blocks, concrete, wood, plastic and more. Basically anything solid that makes a wall, and or border. It can also be used to help with drainage, or up against a hill.

Soft landscaping is the fillers within the hard landscaping walls and borders. This includes items such assoil, mulch, flowers, bushes, and trees. The flowers, bushes and trees provide beauty to admire.

Hard and soft landscaping go hand in hand to making your yard or business look great while also providing drainage and more usable space with retaining walls. A pond uses hardscape for the walls, liner and pump. However, the water, fish and plants are soft landscaping.

Every area of the United States has its own difficulties with landscaping, whether it be coastal, where the salt air affects plants, dry desert, or humid temperatures. There can be clay soil, which is extremely hard to plant in, or rocky lands, which are also difficult. Having these difficulties sometimes requires a professional to help you achieve the desired look in your yard or business property. Although you can tackle it yourself if you have the know-how to do so.

Texas has its own challenges too. Drainage is one of the most important tackles you must face. There is nothing worse than landscaping a whole yard, without taking the drainage into consideration. This could result in thousands of dollars going, “down the drain”. If you live in the Southlake area in Texas you can look for landscape materials in Southlake Texas to fix drainage and irrigation problems.

While you may be able to get landscape materials in Southlake Texas, very easily, it may prove a challenge to install drainage and irrigation. You will need supplies such as drain grates, piping, adapters, couplings, downspouts, snaps, and more. If this all sounds like a gibberish to you, maybe you should hire a professional to do this work, so that you can deal with the fun stuff, plants and flowers.

Once you get all the necessary drainage and irrigation systems set up, you can look for landscape materials in Southlake Texas, to suit your needs. Usually, when you go to local places that sell these items, they are suitable to your area. You won’t find plants that grow in the Northeast here, so with proper watering and pruning, they will provide you with much joy of beauty in the yard.

That is the soft side of landscaping. For hard landscaping, you may also want to line your gardens with rocks, bricks or edging. Maybe you want a pond, with seating around it as well. Concrete benches look nice, somewhat like a Japanese garden for that “zen” feeling. Adding rocks can make a waterfall, for listening enjoyment, which as mentioned earlier if the soft landscaping aspect of it.

No matter what you want to achieve in your yard, it is a good idea to do some research about everything that works in your area. Also, research what does not work as well. It is equally important to do this, as you do not want to waste money buying plants that do not thrive there. This is especially important for those who do mail order seeds and plants. Have fun designing your new landscape, to enjoy for years to come.