July 16, 2024

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University Training to Master AI in Business and Finance

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The Budapest Metropolitan University (METU) will launch a postgraduate training in the main areas of business and financial applications of artificial intelligence (AI) from September 2024.

The aim of the training is to present the business and financial application possibilities of artificial intelligence in a practice-oriented manner, Világgazdaság quotes the university’s statement. It is not only based on specific computer science and data analytics knowledge, but in a comprehensive way, developing students’ proactive and problem-solving attitude.

The courses will allow candidates with an interest in technology but not specifically IT or engineering qualifications to become immersed in the latest AI solutions.

In addition to a theoretical introduction, students will learn about the practical applications and challenges of AI through real-life case studies and successful hands-on projects. Learning is supported by educational materials from a U.S. institution, ranked among the top universities in the world, thanks to a partnership between METU and Arizona State University (ASU).

ASU is the first university in the world to sign an educational partnership contract with Open AI, the company that also develops ChatGPT.

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The training will give students the opportunity to experience the process of creating AI-based solutions and the prompting of market-leading large language models. It also provides insights into the wider application of AI, its challenges, risks, threats, ethical-legal and regulatory issues.

The launch of this new training is a response to the dynamically changing needs of the labor market, that is increasingly looking for AI experts in the financial and business sectors,”

said Péter Fáykiss, the head of the new training program.

There is a growing demand for professionals with practical knowledge of technological trends and opportunities. Digital transformation has been affecting different industries for years, and the artificial intelligence revolution is intensifying the need for effective digital transformation, he pointed out. “The aim of the training is to help students acquire a creative-proactive approach that can be relevant to all disciplines,” added Fáykiss.

The new postgraduate training “Business and Financial Applications of Artificial Intelligence” will start in September 2024.

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